Our team has more than 20+ years of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking and Inbound Marketing experience and combines this with over 7 years of in-depth Blockchain & Crypto knowledge.

At UFOstart, we aim to shape the future of marketing in a decentralized world. We start by helping blockchain startups to perform successful marketing.

UFOstart sponsored the first Bitcoin ATM in Berlin in 2014.

People Behind

    New Community Member
    At UFOstart, we’re all about community and the future of work - remote and decentralized. Whether you are a marketing expert, blockchain enthusiast, astronaut, web3 visionary, or just getting started in this space (pun intended) - as long as you’re passionate about a decentralized future (of marketing), we’d love to have you join us for our journey through unknown territory! Join our community, just jump on board! [email protected]
  • Heiko Vogelgesang
    Heiko Vogelgesang
    Product Lead
    Heiko loves everything related to marketing technology and started with online marketing in 1999. With all learnings from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 it’s now time to build the best marketing platform for the Web 3.0.
  • Sebastian Schuhl
    Sebastian Schuhl
    Marketing Lead
    Sebastian has extensive Online Marketing experience, having worked on various projects as B2B and Inbound Marketing advisor and a background in the crowdfunding industry.
  • Stefanie von Jan
    Stefanie von Jan
    Advisor Token Economy Design
    Stefanie is an economist and blockchain researcher. Her focus lies in Token Engineering, the practice of designing decentralized digital marketplaces with sound economic incentive mechanism that correctly incentivize participants and eliminate fraud.
  • Lars Schulze
    Lars Schulze
    Lars breathes Digital Marketing. After 23 years of experience in the Online Marketing field, he is all over Blockchain now, helping innovative Entrepreneurs generate awareness and excitement for their decentralized projects.
  • Selma Mohr
    Selma Mohr
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Selma finished her studies in digital media management and gained experience in startups, while diving into blockchain. Her passion for decentralized technology lead to her completed thesis on token marketing. As a digital marketer, she helps businesses in growing communities online.
  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly
    Content Lead
    Liam is a writer living and working in Berlin, Germany. His primary focus is the burgeoning crypto and blockchain sector where he helps small and medium-sized businesses with content strategy, social media management, copy writing and editing.
  • Thomas Hessler
    Thomas Hessler
    Advisor & Co-Founder
    Thomas Hessler has been an entrepreneur, advisor & investor in > 200 startups for 20 years. He is co-founder and advisor of UFOstart - a platform to build a blockchain based and decentralised world. He also started Globumbus - a foundation and venture capital company to support Entrepreneurship. In 2000 Thomas co-founded zanox, the global market leader for performance-based online marketing, which today runs as Awin with over 1000 employees in 15 offices worldwide.
  • Mario Steinbuch
    Mario Steinbuch
    Advisor Community Integration
    Mario is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher and DAO enthusiast building businesses through a community driven marketing approach.
  • Antonia Ermacora
    Antonia Ermacora
    Advisor Bot's & AI
    conversational commerce. nlu. bots. e-commerce. startups. python. deep learning
  • Henning Heinrich
    Henning Heinrich
    Growth Advisor
    Henning worked with B2B and B2C companies in Germany, England, the States and Canada from SaaS and Ecommerce over Media Site to Mobile App, optimizing every stage of the conversion funnel.
  • Jens Hewald
    Jens Hewald
    Advisor & Co-Founder
    Jens is serial entrepreneur and angel investor with experience in internet business since mid 90’s. Together with his two partners Heiko Rauch and Thomas Hessler, Jens has founded zanox, Globumbus and UFOstart to support startups and invest in promising companies focussing on crowdsourcing-, and Blockchain- businesses.
  • Peyman Pouryekta
    Peyman Pouryekta
    IT Advisor
    Peyman worked in the past as CTO of HUM-Systems in Berlin, Germany. Until 2018 he was the Director of Engineering at Leverton GmbH where he co-developed their AI-operated product for the real estate industry and organized their IT Department. He holds a Master of Arts in Management and have worked in the IT industry since 2005.
  • Heiko Rauch
    Heiko Rauch
    Advisor & Co-Founder
    Heiko Rauch is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and angel investor. Today, he is the Co-Founder of UFOstart. Previously, he co-founded zanox, Europe's leading performance advertising network.
  • Dr. Dirk Koehler
    Dr. Dirk Koehler
    Legal Advisor
  • Jan-Ole Nielsen
    Jan-Ole Nielsen
    Backend Dev
    He believes that by understanding relationships behind complex data we can make this world a better place!
  • Daria Markova
    Daria Markova
    Advisor Future of Work
    Startup Founder, Head of University Course, Consultant in Future of Work sphere
  • Sascha Hoffmann
    Sascha Hoffmann
    Frontend Dev
    Teamlead and Web Engineer at advanced store. Professional Dancer and Blockchain lover ;-)
  • David Schrade
    David Schrade
    Design Thinking Coach
    David is a design thinking coach. He worked for more than 4 years as a lecturer at the Hasso Plattner Institute, School of Design Thinking. He works for DAX companies, SMEs, NGOs and start-ups.
  • Yaroslav Pyptiuk
    Yaroslav Pyptiuk
    UI/UX Designer
    Specialising in user interface, usability, interaction design and user experience, with strong understanding of graphic design, identity design, and branding & promoting beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences, whose work is rooted in clarity, a sense of humor, and value through effort.
  • Tino Krüger
    Tino Krüger
    Web Dev
    Web Design, Web Development and Frontend
  • Janina Mainka
    Janina Mainka
    Design Thinking Coach
    Design Thinking Coach and Advisor
  • Alien
    Extraterrestrials Team Member
  • космонавт
    Eastern European Team Member
  • Taikonaut
    Chinese Team Member
  • Spationaut
    French Team Member