Our Offer

A decentralized project needs a global and strong community to be successful. UFOstart empowers Blockchain startups to reach their funding goals with a methodology & software. We advise and train your team to gain expertise in relevant marketing fields so they can execute themselves. With our methodology and a sustainable, organic marketing mix, you will be able to build an authentic community that will make your project thrive.

  • we help you define your ICO or STO marketing strategy

  • we advice and train your team on ICO and STO marketing best practices

  • we oversee the setup of your ideal marketing channels for your project and target group

  • we actively support your marketing execution path

  • we activate our UFOstart partners and contributors network

  • we publicly boost your social media posts via our channels

we enable blockchain startups to market their ICO, STO, and token sale

We Work

100% success based for
1% of your issued tokens
0% risk for you

We want to see your project thrive and are strong believers in the crypto economy. Thus, we offer our services on a purely performance based level. No bullshit, no hidden fees. Just a commitment to receive 1% of your issued tokens once they are ready.

Our Vision

We believe that the power of Blockchain has opened another chapter in the evolution of humanity, drastically changing the way we will work, communicate, market, and live in the future.

At UFOstart, we strive to gain a deep understanding of the complexity of Blockchain technology, to support entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors with their Blockchain projects.

  • we believe in decentralized startups and Blockchain technology

  • ICOs and STOs will become the new standard for startup funding

  • decentralized, global projects need a completely new marketing method to grow and thrive

  • building and maintaining a healthy community is crucial for successful ICOs and STOs

  • a marketing strategy with a real community driven approach is key to success