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Apps Script to call the Flightplan in a Google Spreadsheet

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Simple Open-source Google Apps Script to call the Flightplan in a Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Log in to your Google Sheets account and create a new sheet.
  2. In your newly created Sheet open Apps Script (via Extensions -> Apps Script).
  3. Copy the source code from the flighplan.js into your file .gs in Apps Script and save.
  4. Next to the Debug button select the function initialSetup.
  5. Hit the run button and give the script permission to edit your spreadsheet. Then switch back to your Google sheet.
  6. Wait until a popup shows up in your sheet. It will ask your for your API key. Copy and paste the API key from your email and submit the popup.
  7. Your flightplan will be requested and shows up in your sheet after a few moments.

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