Why Timing your ICO Right Is Crucial

If you’ve recently glanced at any number of price analyses in the cryptocurrency market, you’re likely to see a wash of red. Sure, a few small-cap altcoins pumping a few portfolios here and there, but nothing really substantial. Another clue that it’s bear season is the lack of mega ICO Launches. What began as “Crowdfunding 2.0” in 2017, has turned into something much different in 2018 and rightfully so. The market isn’t as spend happy as when bitcoin was pushing $20,000; and the truth is, these considerations need to be weighed before you start with your ICO launch and the preparation for it.

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Five Things We’ve Learned from Watching the ICO Market(ing) Closely

The hype of 2017 and the meteoric rise of bitcoin’s price brought mainstream attention to the world of cryptocurrencies. Now, in 2018, however, the hype has dwindled to a low buzz. The first victim of the red water market has been a gash in trust from the swath of emerging crypto-related projects. In December of last year, all you needed was a white paper, some web content, and some traffic on your social media channels and you’d be all set. Since then, much has changed. Critical analysis of how and when to launch your initial coin offering (ICO) and how to get awareness for your project is more important than ever.

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This is us: UFOstart

We are UFOstart and we believe that the power of Blockchain has opened another chapter in the evolution of humanity, drastically changing the way we will work, shop, communicate, and live in the future.

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Sebastian Schuhl