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UFOstart is a community-sourced, data-driven marketing robo advisor that helps you find your perfect marketing strategy. Learn more

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Facebook, Instagram, PR, SEO and so much more...

There are almost endless marketing channels and activities out there that you could explore to market your project and achieve growth. But which options are the right ones for you?

UFOstart's algorithms help you choose the most important ones. We show you where to start, what to focus on, and how to launch your rocket of growth!


marketing for a decentralized tomorrow

We believe in a decentralized, autonomous, and blockchain-based future.
A future with so many global marketing opportunities that no agency or individual is able to know what the ideal marketing strategy for a specific project looks like.
That's why we're building a community-sourced algorithm that identifies the ideal marketing strategy for a project’s specific use case - we call it a marketing robo advisor.

our technology

Our "marketing robo advisor" is an algorithm that spits out a unique marketing strategy based on your project’s specific needs, goals, current status, and resources.

Your marketing strategy is a comprehensive set of step-by-step activities that are fed into your task or project management tool of choice via our API.

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some of our clients

trent mcconaghy
Trent McConaghy
founder ocean protocol

„UFOstart and Lars helped us think more strategically about marketing, raised our awareness of various tools and tactics, and showed us how to execute with those tools. Combined, these made a big difference in helping us to grow our brand and community.“